Utsav Maize Seeds

UTSAV – 3551

  • Maturity – in kharif  90-105  days
  • Rabi 110-120 Days after sowing
  • Good high yielding hybrid with attractive golden yellow orange colour.
  • Consistent performance with excellent tip filling.
  • High shelling, good taste, uniform stand.
  • Disease tolerance, excellent keeping quality.
  • Stay green plant character means good fodder
  • Golden yellow orange bold grains and stout and long cobs
  • Good stay green character, suitable for fodder
  • Good resistance to pests and disease and has high yielding potential
  • Long cobs with completer grain filling
  • Highly suitable for rain fed and marginal condition
  • Uniform cob placement, yellow orange semi dent grain
  • Suitable for both Kharif and Rabi season